COVID-19 Safety Measures








Our historic Gillis Grier Bed & Breakfast is licensed and inspected to assure the highest standards of cleanliness and the safety of our guests and staff continues to be our top priority. Our small size also helps to further limit the risk of exposure since there are no crowds.

In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional health and safety measures to help keep our guests safe.


Since we are a small Inn of only three guest room, we temporally will be restricting reservations limited to one family at a time. This is to limit the total amount of people in our inn to comply with the CDC regulations and to limit shared spaces.

To facilitate this, we are requesting all reservations to be made over the phone (215) 617-0348. Any online reservations will not be considered final, until confirmation is issued via a phone call by one of our hosts.


We’ve increased the frequency of disinfecting/sanitizing our rooms, common spaces and private areas of our Inn, to our already high cleanliness standard, particularly high touch areas such as door handles, railings, furniture, fixtures, light switches, trash cans, room keys, and other items you may use such as hairdryer, hangers, and iron. To allow for these increased cleaning measures, check in times may be subject to changes.

We are using COVID 19 approved cleaning products.

Launder using CDC approved settings, including the use of chlorine bleach.

Change shower curtains between guests.

Remove all marketing materials, pen and paper from guest rooms and non-disposable items from the guest room between each guest.

Hand sanitizers are available to guests.


Guests are offered the choice of private dining in their guest room or our beautiful dining area.

Additional Information

As your hosts, John, Annie and I will wear protective vinyl gloves, face coverings, while respecting appropriate social distances during all guest interactions.

If you have any additional concerns, or individual requests, please feel free to contact us prior to your reservation.


We look forward to making your stay safe and enjoyable,

Your hosts, Charleen, John and Annie